Get Ready For The 33rd Annual Hummerbird Celebration

The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay is anxiously awaiting your arrival to our lovely seaside Texan oasis. We are working every day to ensure that our guests’ and staffs’ safety and health are our utmost priority. As you plan one of your first vacations in a long while, we welcome you with open arms and Texan hospitality. It is an exciting time of year to come to visit Rockport, Texas as the 33rd Annual Hummerbird Celebration begins this September. Keep reading to get ready for a spectacular migratory event!


What is the Hummerbird Celebration All About?

This annual celebration is held in both Rockport and Fulton, Texas. It is a chance to gather, watch, learn, and listen as folks gather to celebrate the fall migration of the Ruby-throated hummingbird through the area. This is a fun event dedicated to expanding one's knowledge of all birds and associated wildlife. If you even remotely like nature, this event is for you!


Cost, Dates, Safety?

All great questions. The Hummerbird Celebration will take place between September 16 to 19 and will be held at the Rockport-Fulton High School Complex. Most events will be free to the public, but there may be a few that require a small fee. Everything will be socially distanced and event coordinators are following the Texas State protocols on COVID guidelines.


Stay at the Bayside Gem of Rockport

Our boutique accommodations are equipped with modern amenities and nestled on the beautiful Texas Coast. As you plan your Hummerbird Celebration excursion this year, make sure to book your stay with us today!