Your Guide to Goose Island State Park

Exploring Goose Island State Park while staying at The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay promises a captivating experience, blending the tranquility of nature with the charm of coastal accommodations. This park offers a slice of paradise for nature enthusiasts or anyone seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle of everyday life. In this guide, we’ll […]

Explore the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site

Visiting the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site while staying at The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay offers a delightful blend of history, charm, and coastal beauty. As you step into the Fulton Mansion, you are transported back to the late 19th century, a time when the mansion served as the residence of George W. Fulton, […]

The Best Texas Coast Picnic Areas

Whether you prefer the calming influence of the beach, the serenity of a wildlife refuge, or the history of a state park, Rockport, Texas, offers a variety of picnic areas to choose from. Book your stay in this coastal paradise at The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay, a beacon of serenity and sophistication as close […]

Travel to the Texas Coast for the Ultimate Fishing Trip

Embarking on the ultimate fishing trip to Rockport, Texas, is an angler’s dream come true. This extraordinary destination promises an unforgettable fishing experience for both seasoned anglers and beginners alike. This coastal haven offers the perfect blend of challenging fishing opportunities, breathtaking scenery, and the chance to unwind, making it a must-visit for fishing enthusiasts. […]

Experience Fall in Rockport, Texas

Rockport is a picturesque town on the Texas Coast known for its stunning natural beauty. As the summer heat subsides, the fall brings milder sunny temperatures, making it an ideal time to explore this coastal gem. The pleasantly warm temperatures make outdoor activities even more enjoyable. There are also several fall festivals and events in […]

Have a Blast on the Dolphin Tours in Port Aransas

The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay is a charming coastal retreat nestled on the shores of Aransas Bay in Rockport, Texas. Our idyllic hotel in Rockport, TX, exudes a perfect blend of Southern charm and maritime allure, offering guests a relaxing and unforgettable experience. Accommodations are spacious, elegantly appointed, and designed with comfort in mind. […]

What To Do in Port Aransas on a Rainy Day

The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay is one of the most picturesque hotels in Rockport, TX. This slice of coastal paradise offers a unique blend of scenic beauty, warm hospitality, and a plethora of nearby activities that cater to both relaxation and adventure seekers. Just off the coast near Rockport, Texas, is Port Aransas, which […]

Your Guide to Port Aransas Jetty Fishing

A Port Aransas jetty fishing trip is a thrilling and fulfilling experience for any angler. As you step onto the jetty, the salty ocean breeze fills the air, instantly invigorating your senses. The joy of reeling in a big catch is unparalleled, and the adrenaline rush is unforgettable. With the breathtaking coastal views as your […]

Start Planning Your Texas Gulf Coast Summer Vacation

Kids across the country are counting down the days until school is out for the year. This also means families are in the midst of planning unforgettable vacations. If you’re still figuring out where to spend your summer getaway this year, consider planning a Texas Gulf Coast vacation, specifically to The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas […]

Your Guide to the Birds of the Texas Gulf Coast

The Texas Gulf Coast is truly a bird-watching paradise. Rockport is among the best places in the world to see many gorgeous birds and other local wildlife. The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay put together this guide on our favorite birds of the Texas Gulf Coast and the best places to watch for them. The […]

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